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Book 2


Jon Gunnarson never meant to transform humanity. He just wanted a normal life. A life where he doesn’t absorb other people’s emotions, lose himself, and have to live like a hermit. 


So he jumps at the chance to help develop a scam telepathy app because it will get him to Bhutan, where he hopes an old friend will help him. But when he meets neuroscientist Ella Sandstrom, the unthinkable happens. And when their boss comes unhinged, they must run for their lives. 


The question is, how will they escape someone who can read their minds?

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The Sea Of Suns

Jon, Ella, and Venn are back together in book two of the Tuning In series.


Millions are now telepathic and Jon finds himself the leader of a global movement. All he really wants is to hold on to his new life with Ella. But when she discovers that a new drug which blocks telepathy threatens the world, they must find a way to stop it.


The question is, how can they stand up to Venn and his new powerful friends who will kill to get what they want?


In progress...

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