Jon Gunnarson never meant to transform humanity.


He just wanted a normal life. A life where he doesn’t absorb other people’s emotions, lose himself and have to live like a hermit.

So he jumps at the chance to help develop a scam telepathy app because it will get him to Bhutan, where he hopes an old friend will teach him how to disconnect.


Sure, he has to work with Ella, a neuroscientist he’s falling in love with, and Venn, a fraudulent Marketer who’s wanted by the FBI. But Jon’s had a lifetime of practice at pulling away and he figures he can handle it while he learns how to manage his condition.


The problem is, working with others is the least of his worries. Because Jon and Ella unwittingly trigger the onset of mass telepathy. And, as if that isn't enough, they must run for their lives when they discover a way that Venn can avoid arrest.


But how will they escape someone who can read their minds?

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Thriller & Suspense

Forward Reviews

Winner: Science Fiction

American Fiction Awards, 2018

"A very enjoyable, thought-provoking read with a sprinkle of action, a little helping of romance, and a good chunk of suspense."

                               -Readers' Favorite Official Review

"Roberts delivers a commendable series launch..."

                               -KIRKUS REVIEWS 

"...truly embodies the excellence that this award was created to celebrate."

        -National Indie Excellence Awards




TUNING IN is a well-plotted story that’s both mind-bendingly strange and intimately human—a continuously surprising science-fiction/ psychological thriller about our relationship with our thoughts, with each other and even reality itself.





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